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Jiangsu Nanfang Medical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale domestic adhesive dressing production enterprise which integrates research and development, production and sales into one. Since 2003, the company has established a long-term cooperative partnership with Yunnan Baiyao, and become the exclusive product provider of Yunnan Baiyao band-aids. After many years’ business development, the company has become a leading band-aid production base in China at present.

In recent years, the company has gradually devoted greater effort to product development and market expansion of its self-owned brand, and focused on the development of self-owned brand products such as first-aid kits, sports protection products and care products on the basis of the original series of “Miaoshou” medical dressings.

In the international market, the medical dressing business of the company mainly relies on the ODM mode. The company has established long-term and stable cooperative partnerships with international famous companies in U.S., Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, etc. The products such as medical proof fabric, band-aids, dressings, athletic tapes, ointments and antiphlogistine produced by the company have had relatively high market reputation and brand influence in the domestic and international markets.

Along with continuous improvement of market influence of the company, domestic market shares of the most influential products such as band-aids, proof fabric and dressings of the company have come out on top. Nanfang Medical is based on the domestic market and has the whole world in view, and continuously quickens the pace of transformation of scientific and technological achievements through scientific and technological innovations. It sincerely looks forward to carrying out all-round cooperation with the customers at home and abroad, to create a win-win situation!

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