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    • Custom Waterproof And Muti Colored Kinesiology Tapes For Relaxing Overused And Overextended Muscles
Product Details

* Apply to clean, dry skin
* Discontinue use if persistent skin irritation exists
* Store in a cool dry place


Size (WXL) Colors Packing
5cmX5m Red/blue/orange/green/black/skin/beige Individually packed

All the above are standard items, customerrsquo;s product sizes, colors are available upon request.

Competitive Advantage:
* Alleviation of pain
* Effective for relaxing overused and overextended muscles
* Effective in supporting rehabilitation from muscular injuries
* Reposition of joints
* Help reducing edema, inflammation and discomfort
* Wave pattern adhesive .highly breathable
* Different color can be satisfied with different customers

Kinesiology tape, sport and physical therapy
Elastic, adhesive tape for kinesiology taping by physicians or qualified therapists. Cotton cloth (≥93%) with elastic spandex threads. latex free.test patch is recommended for those with sensitive skin or tendency to allergy.Alleviation of pain ,wave pattern adhesive. highly breathable

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