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    • Red Pain Relief Patches, Hydrogel Cooling Cushion Cooling Gel Patches And No Electricity 70cm X 90cm
Product Details

* Apply to clean, dry skin
* Store in a cool dry place


Size (WXL) Colors Packing
70cmX90cm Blue/Red Individually packed
140cmX90cm Blue/Red Individually packed
30cmX40cm Blue/Red Individually packed
30cmX45cm Blue/Red Individually packed

All the above are standard items,customerrsquo;s product sizes,ingredients and shapes are available upon request.
Extra patch available for holding gel in place.

Competitive Advantage:
* Hydrogel cooling cushion
* Helps to absorb surplus heat from your body effectively
* Relieves discomfort from overheating on any part of the body
* No electricity is needed .safe and reusable

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