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    • OEM / ODM Long Lasting Relief And Wound Corn Removal Plaster With A Soft Cushion Ring
Product Details

Detailed Product Description
* Attach firmly onto the skin therefore comfortable and easy-to -use
* Fast and long-lasting

1. External use only
2. Avoid contact with eyes ,wounds and damaged skin
3. Stop using the plaster if feeling uncomfortable in the treatment
4. Keep out of reach children
5. Before applying the plaster ,clean the skin with soap and water and thoroughly dry it .Remove the cover sheet and then press it tightly to the affected area.once or twice daily.


Size (WXL) Material Packaging
20mmX70mm Cotton /fabric 6pieces per box

Competitive Advantage:
Contain salicylic acid for fast and effective relief of corns
A soft cushion ring in the center is to provide extra relief to the corn.simple application .long lasting relief.

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