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    • GMP, CE, ISO, FDA Soft Comfortable Elastic Non-Woven Medical Eye Pad, Sterilized By EO ( Ethylene Oxide )
Product Details

Do not use if packaging opened or damaged
For single use only
Storage in a cool and dry place


Size (WXL) Material Packaging
95mm X 65mm Non-woven Individually packed.50 pieces per box
67mm X 45mm Non-woven Individually packed.50 pieces per box

All the above are standard items. Customerrsquo;s sizes,color, and packaging materials are available upon request .

Competitive Advantage:
Non-woven material ,soft comfortable
Highly breathable microporous
Highly absorbent cushion
Elastic non-woven material
Medical Hypoallergenic adhesive
Sterilized by EO (Ethylene Oxide ) or Gamma ray

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