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    • External Use, Pain Relieving And Healing, Adhesive Medical Capsicum Plaster With Factory Price
Product Details

Detailed Product Description:
* Attach firmly onto the skin therefore comfortable and easy-to -use
* Fast and long-lasting
* Improve circulation in the area of discomfort may support the bodyrsquo;s nature healing process

1. External use only
2. Avoid contact with eyes ,wounds and damaged skin
3. Stop using the plaster if feeling uncomfortable in the treatment
4. Keep out of reach children
5. Before applying the plaster ,clean the skin with soap and water and thoroughly dry it .Remove the cover sheet and then press it tightly to the affected area.once or twice daily.


Size (WXL) Material Packaging
6.3cm X 4cm Menthol /capsicum 10 pieces per box
10cm X 15cm Menthol /capsicum Individually packed
10cm X 18cm Menthol /capsicum Individually packed
12cm X 18cm Menthol /capsicum Individually packed

All the above are standard items. Customerrsquo;s sizes, and packaging materials are available upon request .

Competitive Advantage:
The prepared drugs on the plaster can warm and penetrate into the subcutaneous tissues of the affected area to dilate the local vessels,stimulate blood circulation and relieve swelling with a marked effect in the treatment of pains arising from rheumatism,extreme changes in temperature, over-exertion and muscular.

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